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Seminary for Chul Students

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- Campus and Dorms

Beit Chana Tzfats campus is situated on the Beit Chana campus in Tzfat, and is an integral part of Beit Chana educational system, which starts with the seventh grade of the junior high-school until graduation of high school.

Chul Program- History

The seminary was initially opened for Israeli high-school graduates. Over the years, parents and students from abroad have asked that they too would like to receive that special taste of Beit Chana education seasoned with the unique Chassidishe flavor, and weathered with an extraordinary hiskashrut to the Rebbe .

Beit Chana is pleased to accept students from abroad, since students who studied at Chabad schools, around the globe, can add constructively to our Israeli-Hebrew speaking student body.

Therefore, students who are admitted to the chul program, are expected excel in Chasidishkiet, Tzniyut, Yirat Shamaim, Tefilla, Hiskashrus etc. They must realize that other students (from our junior high school, high school and seminary) look up to them and emulate their behavior. 

Beit Chana offers a special Chassidishe Torah orientated learning and teaching program, for students from abroad, which is accredited by the government, and hence a government certificate "Morot Lagolah" is granted to those completing all their obligations.

The government recognition and academic accreditation is due to fact that we are legally an integral part of the Michllelet Beth Rivka - Kfar Chabad, though we are situated in Zefat and administered independently and autonomously by Beit Chana - Zefat. 


The seminary was established primarily for Israeli-Hebrew speaking high-school graduates. Therefore - Farbrengens, Dvar-Torahs, announcements, and many classes are in Hebrew. It is therefore obvious, that a student with less than a good knowledge in Hebrew, and with no Hebrew speaking experience, need not apply. 
Most of the foreign students are English speakers, therefore many speakers and classes are held in English. It is therefore advisable for non English speaking students to consider carefuly her eligibility to the chul program. 

Who may apply

Eighteen year old high school graduates, of Yeshiva/Frum-High Schools from חוץ לארץ – who have a good command of Hebrew and English - may apply to our Chul program.

As said above - applicants must excel in Chasidishkiet, Tzniyut, Yirat Shamaim, Tefilla, Hiskashrus etc.

The program is a teaching training program. It is geared for those who want to invest time and effort to attain teaching skills and experience. It is advisable for a student who feels that she is not capable of teaching or has no desire to teach, to join a post-high-school full- time Yeshivah-Torah learning program.

One of the government requirements is a foreign high school diploma. It must be evaluated and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education, before they will issue a certificate.

Those who do not have a high school diploma, or have only an Israeli diploma, or do not have an accredited diploma will not be eligible for the government certificate ′Morot Lagolah′ (they may receive transcripts for the courses attended but a not certificate). Tuition is the same for all programs.


Students who graduate our first year program, have the option to continue unto our special second year program.

There are some scholarships available for students returning for a second year.

This program is very focused on highly professional classroom teaching experience, together with specially designed Shlichus courses, in addition to in depth Limudey Kodesh shiyurim.

Those who prefer may join our Israeli program for the second or third year. Their first year′s credits would be transferred towards the full Israeli BA teaching diploma.

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